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Water Damage Emergency – What to Do

basement-floodA water damage emergency is a catastrophe that causes immense harm to your home. It may arise from fire aftermaths, storms, floods, broken pipes etcetera. Whatever be the cause, it is extremely important to safeguard your property from the damage caused by the water. Since water is a very good medium for contaminants and bacterial infestation, quick and effective restoration is a must. In case your house has been struck with a water disaster, there are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • Safety First: Make sure all electric appliances and switches are turned off. Never use your vacuum in order to remove the excess water. Instead, soak it up using buckets and mops. Keep the children away from broken glass or slippery floors.
  • Shut off the main drain valve: If the water damage emergency has been caused by a pipe bursting, toilet overflowing or defective water heater, locate the main water valve and turn it off. In case you are unable to find the valve, contact the water department immediately and instruct them to stop your water supply.
  • Rescue the valuables: If you have had a water damage emergency, then it is likely that the water has seeped into trunks and cupboards. Remove them from their previous places and check for any water seepage. Jewelry and important documents must be stored away in a water tight box and kept at a high place. Paintings if damaged must be hung out to dry.
  • Salvage the furniture: Wood furniture like sofas, beds, tables must be wiped clean and held them up to facilitate their drying. Drapes must be removed and hung outside, as they will begin to stink because of the moisture. Rugs and carpets must be taken off the floor and wrung tightly to remove the water. Metal furniture must be protected from rusting.
  • Facilitate air circulation: After removing maximum amount of water, open all the windows and doors of the house. If it is safe, switch on the air conditioner to help in the drying process.

A water damage emergency is best handled by professionals. Make a call to the nearest water damage restoration company, and in the meanwhile try to control the damage yourself.

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