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Water Damage Emergency: Read These Tips

water damage emergencyIf your house gets flooded, broken water pipes, too much rain or some other catastrophe, here are things you need to do immediately.

First, decide if it is safe to stay in the house. If it’s safe, then stay and follow the tips below. If it is not safe, get out immediately and call emergency services. Call AIRTEK Inc. at (978) 567-1072 as soon as you can. Tell us what happened and we’ll be on the way as soon as we can.


It’s not safe to stay in the house if:

  • Standing water is more than an inch deep. Even water levels that low can get into the electrical wiring and cause a short. You could be electrocuted or a fire could start.
  • The water has cause obvious foundation damage. The foundation needs to be inspected. Parts of the house could slide or fall.
  • The water was present for a long time. Even if the water is gone, dangerous molds probably started growing. These have to be carefully removed. AIRTEK has experience with this.


It is safe to stay in the house if:

  • The water has drained away.
  • You are there immediately after the water is gone. Mold takes a little while to start growing.
  • The water is standing, but the power to the house is cut off.


This presumes it’s safe to go in the house.

  • Get as much of the water out as you can. Mops are your friend.
  • Wipe water off wood furniture
  • Put something like plastic or aluminum foils under the legs of wood furniture or get it off the wet floor.
  • Get other items off the floor.
  • Make sure you called AIRTEK to do the heavy water removal and cleanup work.


  • Leave wet fabrics lying on the floor. Hang them up.
  • Leave anything on carpet that can be moved.
  • Use your vacuum to remove water. It’s not made to suck up water. You could ruin it and possibly electrocute yourself.

For any water damage emergency situation don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at AIRTEK Inc. We are located in Hudson, Ma and service all of Worcester & Middlesex counties.

If you are looking for a expert water damage repair company in the Hudson area then please call 978-567-1072 or complete our online request form.


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