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Water Damage and Classifications

AirtekMA-services-offerIt is an unfortunate accident to have water damage either from a burst pipe, leaking roof or other situation that causes the home to get wet.  Should this happen to you, immediately call AirTekMa for cleaning services.  We will dispatch to your home quickly and get started on bringing your home back to normal as soon as possible.

Many outside of the carpet cleaning industry do not know there are more than one categories of water and water damage.  This blog will take a look at each one of these in some detail.  This way you will have a better understanding when we come to help you with your water damage.


Water Categories

Water does have categories are based on the degree of cleanliness of the water.  Here are the three categories.


CATEGORY ONE – This is sanitary and generally safe water that causes the damage.  There is minimal risk of sickness from contact, ingestion or inhalation.  This does not mean the water remains clean; cleanliness will depend on what the water comes in contact with during the damage.

CATEGORY TWO – This water has some contaminants that may cause some discomfort and sickness if contact or ingestion is made.  There may be microorganisms, bacteria and/or matter, organic and inorganic, present.

CATEGORY THREE – This is the most dangerous water.  There is absolute contamination from any number of possible contaminants.  The water is toxic to people and has the strong potential to make people sick.


Water Damage

There are four classifications of water damage.  This is different from water categories, as the category can fall into each level of damage.  Of course, the more serious the damage the greater the chance of a higher category of contamination.

CLASS ONE – The least amount of water absorbed and evaporated.  This is only a part of a room with little moisture.

CLASS TWO – Large amounts of water absorbed and evaporated .  This can effect a full room but will have less than 24 inches of damage up the sides of the walls.  Some moisture is present.

CLASS THREE – The greatest amounts of water absorbed and evaporated.  Water has come from above with an entire area saturated in water.

CLASS FOUR – This is special situation water damage.  Imagine a flooded basement.  This is class four.


Regardless of your water damage and category, getting the air cleaned quickly is paramount.  Contact AirTekMa as soon as you can to start the cleaning process.  We look forward to being your partner in the cleaning process.


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