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The Tree: Possible Culprit for Water Damage

culprit water damage

Water Damage Restoration Hudson MA

April has Earth Day, and we celebrated it with family and friends. A much better activity for family and friends is Arbor Day. This too is in April, but it does not mean you cannot participate any time of the year.

Arbor Day is when you plant trees, hug trees and appreciate trees. We at AirTek have a deep appreciation and love for trees of all sorts. Sadly, these beautiful decorations and shade providers can cause serious problems – including water damage.


This is a common concern because many homeowners don’t believe a tree can cause problems inside a home however; it is quite possible.

As a tree grows and extends roots, each root is looking for nutrient sources, and these sources could be below your home, in the foundation or infiltrating the pipe systems. Tree roots are a very sneaky culprit, and most homeowners do not recognize the trouble until the damage is done.


“An ounce of prevention,” is how the old adage starts. This is true for planting trees. Plant trees far enough from the home that invasion is limited. Contractors can install root barriers during construction, but most people will want trees well after the construction is complete.


Don’t panic is a good start. Call us immediately so we can assess the water damage and formulate a plan to get the damage under control. You may have to call a specialist to come and uproot the trees to clear the root structure.

Roots are not the only way a tree can damage a home. Limbs can fall on the roof and cause damage. Leaves can clutter gutters and downspouts. A good idea is a thorough cleaning and inspection annually for potential damage. Give us a call, and one of our trained technicians can come out to your home and do a complete inspection to assess water damage and potential damage.

Don’t let this keep you from having trees, however. Contact a nursery if you are concerned about root systems, but contact us if you have water damage from trees.

Come back next month for another piece on water damage.

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