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Fire vs. Water Damage

fire-damage-airtekMAFire damage and water damage are both devastating to a home, and it is completely understandable to be confused about the two.  Each has certain care necessary to bring a home or business back up to working condition, and they are two different jobs.  Here is a primer on the two types of damage for each of the jobs.

This does not mean the two jobs are unique to one another.  They do have some similarities – issues like containment, inspection and empathy for the person whose home or property is damaged are all issues that should be considered.

This blog will take a look at the two types of damage.


The first thing to do with fire damage is to be sure the fire is completely out, and the property is secure.  The property needs to be boarded up, and cleaning can begin.  Things salvaged can be packed up and moved temporarily.  Then the work can start – cleaning soot damage and getting smoke odors out of everything.  Demolition and construction can begin shortly thereafter.


Water loss is different because there will be some residual.  Fire has to be completely out, but water will often be left standing.  Allow to recede or remove as necessary.  Bring in necessary drying equipment, and start the process.  Depending on the category of damage (see last month’s blog) carpet and padding may have to be removed in addition to damaged drywall.

Clearly, there are major differences between water and fire damage, but there is one similarity that cannot be overlooked – the empathy with the homeowner.  There is a real tragedy at hand, and you the homeowner are likely traumatized by the disaster.  You can trust AIRTEK to be on your side and will work tirelessly to help bring your home back to a livable condition as soon as possible.

Neither fire nor water damage is desirable, but we want you to know we are on your side in the case of a major catastrophe.  Meanwhile, if there is something we can do for you in the meantime, contact us via the website, email or phone call.


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