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Fast Action Saves on Water Damage Emergency

water damage emergencyWater damage can occur anywhere and is a major problem, not only to the overall quality of the building, but the quality of health for anyone who lives, works or enters into the building. This is exactly why bringing in a professional to look over the water damage is a must. There are a few different tips and tricks you can use in order to help reduce the water damage, but ultimately, this is typically a job that you simply are not able to do on your own, due to the size of the problem or the complexity. Furthermore, if the water damage emergency takes place in your business, you need it corrected right away, otherwise it could be found in violation of different local codes, and the building can be shut down. Due to this, as soon as you discover the water damage emergency, it is time for you to step into action. Contacting AIRTEK is the first step towards correcting the water damage emergency, although while you wait for the professionals to arrive, there are a few ways you can try to reduce the water damage and save some of the property.

Remove the Water

If you have any item that is going to help you remove the water currently sitting in the room or facility, you need to use it. A wet/dry vac is perfect this. You can use it to remove water out of the rug, flooring or other areas and then dispose of it. While you are not going to have the same, professional equipment as AIRTEK, you can still do what you can to reduce the water, which should help cut down on the water damage.

Move Furniture

Try to move everything off the ground and away from the problem area. This is going to help you save some of the furniture and valuables form the water damage emergency, all while making it easier on the AIRTEK professionals to clean up the situation and return it back to normal. No matter what the item is anywhere from a chair to a book shelf, you need to move it, if possible. The longer it sits in water the more it is going to absorb or be exposed to it. Metal is going to eventually break down and rust as it sits in the water longer, and the wood furniture is just going to absorb it. After a water damage emergency takes place, you need to move everything out of the way.

Air Flow

If possible, try to expose the water damage emergency to air flow. The more air that moves past the water damage emergency location the easier it is going to be to dry, and the harder it is for mold spores to latch onto something and start to spread and develop. Try to open windows and doors (as long as there isn’t standing water that is going to escape) to bring in more air, and you might also want to set up fans in the area as well.

Contact Right Away

After a water damage emergency, contact AIRTEK right away. The faster you act, the better off the location is going to be after the water damage emergency. With this in mind, you are able to reduce the amount of water exposure, not to mention cut down on the overall cost it is going to be to fix the entire problem. This is exactly why you need to spring into action and why you also need to contact the professionals at AIRTEK as quickly as you discover the growing water damage emergency location.

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