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Crucial Steps to Take After a Fire

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At AIRTEK Inc, we certainly hope you never have any kind of fire in your house, except where it belongs like a fireplace. But if you do have a fire, even a small one, here’s what you need to do. If you haven’t already, call your insurance company. They may have some requirements and probably […]

Water Damage Emergency: Read These Tips

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If your house gets flooded, broken water pipes, too much rain or some other catastrophe, here are things you need to do immediately. First, decide if it is safe to stay in the house. If it’s safe, then stay and follow the tips below. If it is not safe, get out immediately and call emergency […]

The Worst of the Worst of Water Damage – Black Mold

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Those who have not had water damage may never have heard of black mold and its inherent dangers. If you have dealt with black mold, you understand its terrible effects, and you were wise enough to contact us at AIRTEK of Hudson, Mass. black mold is a serious health issue, and it is vital to […]

Water Damage? Here is What to Do

Water Damage Hudson MA

The recent torrential rains that have pounded Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas mean extensive water damage for homes and businesses. Water damage is one of the most devastating of all damage and most certainly should be left to the professionals under any circumstances. This does not mean you sit around and watch. There are a […]

The Tree: Possible Culprit for Water Damage

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April has Earth Day, and we celebrated it with family and friends. A much better activity for family and friends is Arbor Day. This too is in April, but it does not mean you cannot participate any time of the year. Arbor Day is when you plant trees, hug trees and appreciate trees. We at […]

Home Fire Hazards – Simple Fixes for Safety


There are a couple of places in your home that you probably rarely think about but could be putting your home at great risk. When lint builds up in your laundry vent or grease on your kitchen hood, the odds of fire increase greatly. Fortunately, both issues can be easily fixed, bringing you peace of […]

The 5 Most Common Causes of Water Damage in a Home

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As a homeowner, there are a lot of different responsibilities you have to deal with on a regular basis. One of those things is making sure any repairs are taken care of quickly and efficiently. That rings even more true when it comes to water damage. You don’t want to let water damage go unattended […]

Water, Flood and Fire Damage Facts

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Laminated carpet is made using a wet process and will de-laminate when exposed to water. Upholstery buttons are often made of steel and will cause rust stains on fabric if they get wet. Water will wick up (capillary action) into wooden furniture legs from wet floors or carpet and the legs will often split. A […]

Fast Action Saves on Water Damage Emergency

Water damage can occur anywhere and is a major problem, not only to the overall quality of the building, but the quality of health for anyone who lives, works or enters into the building. This is exactly why bringing in a professional to look over the water damage is a must. There are a few […]

You Have a Water Damage Emergency. Now What?

Water Damage Hudson MA

In many areas across the nation water damage is the leading cause of loss for property insurance claims for homeowners and business owners. It is very important to be prepared and have a plan of action in case you become one of the unlucky people that has to deal with this situation. Stop that leak! […]

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