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Got Mold? Here is why you need a Professional

mold damageOne day during a deep, heavy cleaning, you notice a bit of mold growing inside the home. You think little of it and feel it is just a bit of mold. Cleaning it will not be a big ordeal. There are a few cleaners you have around the home which should take care of this in a jiffy.

This is a bad decision, and one that can potentially have serious consequences. Read on to see why you need a professional to come in and clean your mold from your home. We at AIRTEK Inc. are mold removal experts, and here is why you should trust us to remove your mold.

1. Health risks – There are some molds that can be very dangerous to pets and people. If anyone in the home has asthma, allergies or any sort of breathing ailment, mold can be dangerous. It is best not to chance it.

2. Stubborn – Mold is very resilient. While you may think you got mold cleaned, it is no guarantee. A small amount is all that is necessary for additional mold to grow back. Often, mold begins in a very difficult to reach location.

3. Spores – Mold grows via spores, and spores float easily into the air when agitated with scrubbing and cleaning. This can only increase the potential dangers of mold in the home and spread the mold to other locations within the home.

4. Protective gear – Some molds can be dangerous period. This requires protective gear, including breathing masks and sanitation suits, both of which a professional cleaning service will have.

5. Tracking it down – All mold starts from somewhere. Our technicians have an understanding of mold and likely sources. We will look around and find the source and help put a stop to the mold at the source.

No one wants to see mold in the home, but it can happen. If you see mold of any sort, do not hesitate to call us at AIRTEK. We will come out to your home with the equipment and skills necessary to help clean, contain and eliminate mold in your home.

The professionals at AIRTEK can assist you in mold damage in your home. Schedule your next appointment by calling (978) 567-1072.

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