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A Musty Basement is Worse than Just a Bad Smell

panelingHave you ever entered a home which smelled…unpleasant? Even though everything looked clean and neat, there was still a musty odor which you couldn’t quite put your finger on, but which pervaded the home nonetheless. It’s likely that the basement of the home was where the smell originated from.

The worst part is, it could be your home which has this smell – but you’re so accustomed to it, you don’t even notice. Visitors are bound to, though. Granted, a musty basement may not reveal itself as easily during the winter, when the furnace is running, or the summer when the air conditioner is pulling humidity from the home. But the cause of the odor will still be present.

A musty basement can cause health problems for you and your family!

For even worse than an unpleasant smell, a musty basement can lead to health problems for the home’s inhabitants. Because the cause of the mustiness – moisture which makes its way into the basement and grows into mildew and mold – can lead to even more serious issues.

Basements are a perfect breeding ground for black mold. This mold can cause health problems, even if there isn’t much mold to be found. A short amount of exposure to even a small amount of black mold can cause symptoms such as headaches, a scratchy throat, coughing and watery eyes. A scratchy throat is a very good indicator of the presence of black mold.

Should mold spores make their way into a person’s respiratory system, they can attach themselves to the lungs and lead to blood in the lungs. This is especially likely for the very young, the elderly, and anyone with a compromised immune system.

Cracks in the walls, humidity and condensation are common causes of mildew and mold in a musty basement. If you find these problems in your basement, it may be best to seek professional assistance before the situation grows out of hand.

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