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Reasons to Have Insulation Professionally Removed

insulation removal servicesMost people think of insulation as an “install it and leave it” kind of thing. But there are times when it does need to be professionally removed.


Dust, mold and pests, especially rodent infestations are prime reasons to have insulation removed and then replaced when things are cleaned up.

Things really have to be bad if you have enough dust to merit insulation removal, but it can happen. Sometimes a poor installation job or just bad insulation can create dust problems in your house. If you are noticing an unusual amount of dust, especially around vents, then you likely have an insulation problem. If you have floor vents, you may not notice this. If you see an unusual amount dust around the attic entrance spaces, you probably need to have the attic inspected.

Pest damage can be several different things. Termites, carpenter ants and dust post beetles are one set of problems. If you get these insects, you also have wood damage. Replacing damaged wood also means taking out the insulation in those areas. The insulation needs to be replaced when the repairs are done.

Rodents, mice, rats, squirrels and other small mammals can start living in your attic. They will spread feces and urine everywhere. Contaminated insulation has to be replaced to protect your family’s health.


More insulation, to a point, is good. Too much insulation stresses the rafters in your attic. Stressed rafters will eventually give way. If your insulation is decades old, a much thinner and lighter layer of modern materials may give you as good or better insulation. We’ll be glad to come give you a professional opinion.


Older homes especially can benefit from a remodeling that removes and replaces really old insulation. More modern insulation can provide better thermal protection than what you have. Also, if the contract is replacing plumbing and wiring, sometimes that work runs through insulated areas. The insulation can be damaged and then it needs to be replaced.


In all cases, it’s best to have a professional handle insulation removal. AIRTEK has the experience, the equipment and the safety gear to remove insulation. We also know how to dispose of used insulation properly. Call today to speak with a member of our team.

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