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Spring Cleaning Commences: The Kitchen Hood

spring-cleaning-commences-the-kitchen-hoodEven a commercial kitchen needs to be spruced up and cleaned. Spring is around the corner, and the nicer weather will have people going out more. This also means they may be eating out more frequently. It is a good idea to have a commercial kitchen in top shape and ready for those customers.

Generally, the commercial kitchen is well-maintained and cleaned daily. A full sanitation of the kitchen normally comes with frequent intervals, but what about the oven and fryer hoods?

Most commercial kitchen owners are living hand to mouth and scrape for every penny earned. The same goes for saving money, anywhere a corner can be cut is cut. Many think cleaning their oven hoods and kitchen hoods themselves is a wise, money saving technique, but this thinking is incorrect and even dangerous.

The owner or the staff is in charge of the daily cleaning and taking care of the ordinary; allowing them to clean oven hoods and kitchen hoods holds real potential for injury. These hoods hold grease, food bits and all sorts of unpleasantness in them. Leave the cleaning of the kitchen hoods to the professionals.

We at AIRTEK of Hudson MA are experts in all sorts of commercial cleaning including hoods. Here is why we are the best for the job.

  1. Work outside of business hours – We come and go when the kitchen is closed, work and leave. No one knows we were there.
  2. Proper equipment and clothing – Good hood cleaning uses caustic materials that can be dangerous to inhale and touch the skin. We have rebreathers and rubber clothing to help keep danger to a minimum. Don’t fret; we wash everything down and are sure the hoods are safe.
  3. Peace of mind – Where will you find a neighbor like AIRTEK who can help keep your commercial kitchen clean? We live and work with you, and we may even frequent your restaurant!

Cleaning kitchen hoods is a matter of sanitation and safety. Do not think you can take care of this yourself – call the professionals at AIRTEK. You will appreciate it.




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