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Clean your kitchen hoods on a regular basis?

Kitchen Hood Cleaning Hudson MAAs a commercial kitchen owner, chances are you are a penny business.  This means you scrape every pan, reuse as much as you can, rework product and generally try to maximize profit without compromising integrity and product to your customers.  This is good business practice, and it is common across any number of businesses in the world.

Saving money is always at the forefront of any business, but there are some things you simply cannot cut corners on.  One of which is the cleaning and maintaining of your kitchen.  Certainly, the basics are necessary: sweeping, mopping, wiping down countertops, labeling foods correctly and the like.  These are normal and necessary practices laid out by your local health department and food safety codes.

There are some things that are better left to professionals.  Cleaning your kitchen hood, for example, is best left to the professionals – your friends at AirTekMa.  Not convinced?  Consider the following reasons to have us clean your kitchen hoods.


Being careful with fryers in the kitchen is good practices of course, but even the most meticulously kept fryers will have grease make its way into the hood.  This is something you cannot avoid.  More importantly, maintaining clean hoods will keep the chances of a fire breaking out at a minimum.

Grease fires are dangerous and difficult to put out without proper equipment.  Leaving the cleaning to the professionals is paramount to a safe and well-kept kitchen.


Have professionals come in means they can come in after hours and do the work for you.  We can come in after your kitchen is closed for the day, and your employees have gone home for the day.  This means you do not have to pay your employees extra for services that cannot be guaranteed to be done as well as AirTekMa can offer.


Cleaning air vents and kitchen hoods require specific cleaning materials and safety equipment.  Without both, you stand a chance to lose an employee to a serious accident.  We are licensed, bonded and insured in case of an accident, and our employees are trained in the latest safety practices and gear.

Do you need your commercial vent hoods cleaned?  It is wise to have scheduled maintenance come and clean your hoods on a regular basis.  Contact us at AirTekMa today to schedule a professional cleaning.

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