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The Importance of Regular Duct Cleaning

air ducts before and afterOften times, people overlook the importance of cleaning their ducts unless something happens that makes them look toward them for the solution. What you might not realize is that your ducts need to be cleaned out by a professional on a regular basis. They harbor all sorts of contaminants that could end up making you ill if you don’t do anything about them. Explore just how important it is to have your ducts cleaned below.

Duct cleaning helps your health.

Your HVAC system is a main point of collection for dust, debris, pet dander, mold and all sorts of contaminants that can negatively affect your health. All of that fungi, mold and bacteria will continue to fester and grow until it takes over your home and you grow ill. Removing all of these contaminants from your system should be a main part of your cleaning regimen to help improve your air quality in your home.

Clean ducts will reduce your energy bills.

According to information from the EPA, a clean HVAC system will allow your system to operate more efficiently by getting rid of all the excess debris from all of the key mechanical components. A system that is clean and more efficient isn’t as likely to break down on you. They have a far longer life span and operate a lot more effectively than that of a dirty system.

Knowing when to clean your system.

The frequency of your cleaning will depend on a number of different factors, none of which are when you feel like it. Some of the things that you need to take into consideration when scheduling a cleaning is whether there are any smokers in the home or not, whether there are pets in the home, whether your system has sustained any water damage or contamination, whether anyone in the home has allergies or asthma and could find relief from reducing the pollutants in your system, before moving into somewhere new and after renovating a home.

With 90% of all system failures stemming from too much dust and dirt building up in your system, it makes sense that you need to clean your system. A filter can only stop about 7% of all contamination, so it is up to a cleaning to take care of the rest. Since the majority of people spend their time inside their homes, you need to make sure everything is clean and clear and there are no pollutants lurking about that could make you ill. Eliminate all of the dust buildup inside of your home with a thorough cleaning.

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