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Musty Smell in House? Dirty Ducts May Be the Reason

dirty-ductsYour home’s duct and ventilation system is used year round. It is constantly working to keep your home well ventilated and at a comfortable temperature. However, ducts often go unnoticed and even neglected until an odd odor becomes apparent, such as a musty smell in house. A dirty duct system can be the cause of a musty smell in house.

Professional Inspections of the Duct System

To know if a musty smell in house is coming from dirty or clogged ducts, you need to call an expert to come check your system. HVAC certified heating and cooling professionals like those at AIRTEK can  inspect the duct work, observing components including:

  • Filter
  • Cooling Coils
  • Drain Pan
  • Humidifier
  • Supply Main
  • Supply Plenum
  • Supply Branches
  • Main Return
  • Access Panels
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Insulation

Have Your Ducts Cleaned When Mold is Present

Air ducts should be cleaned annually, as some dust and dirt is normal. However, if the inspector finds mold growing on hard flat surfaces in substantial amounts, the ductwork is in immediate need of cleaning. The cause of the mold must be eliminated or it will return. Mold causes a musty smell in house and can present a serious health risk if not removed.

Clogged Ducts

Ducts can become clogged after a rodent infestation, which can result in numerous health dangers due to resultant droppings and fur. Ducts can also become clogged with wind-blown trash and dirt. A musty smell in house is one of the indicators of these problems developing.

Clogged ducts cause the heating and air conditioning unit to work harder than it should, which shortens the life of the heating and air conditioning unit and adds to the monthly bill. No one wants higher bills.

Extra Charges for a New AC

The cost to replace the heating and cooling unit goes well over the price taped on the box. The fees associated with installing a new heating and air conditioning unit include:

– Proper recycling fees required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
– City mandated permits for making home improvements
– City mandated permits for the crane to operate in a residential neighborhood
– Delivery charges
– Charges for hauling the old unit away

Maintaining the unit you own keeps it working for the estimated 10-year lifespan of an average HVAC unit. The maintenance of your unit does should include a yearly duct cleaning.  One of the clearest ways to know if the duct system needs cleaning is if there is a musty smell in house.

Musty smell in house is a good indicator of moisture present somewhere in the duct system. Usually, the moisture comes from a leaking roof or pipe. The water gets in the insulation and mold begins growing. In the right climate, mold spreads quickly. Once it creeps into walls and floors, the danger to health becomes high and your home must undergo serious renovations in the infested areas.

Hire a Trusted Duct Cleaner

If you have a musty smell in house, the time to act is now. Call AIRTEK for an assessment of your system, as well as an estimate to restore it to proper working order.

Always check references before hiring a duct cleaning company or any contractor.  AIRTEK thoroughly checks the background of each potential employee. They have off the chart reviews and years of experience. That is the kind of company to hire for duct cleaning or any clean up after fire, flood, hurricane or other unwanted events.

If you need air duct cleaning in Hudson then please call 978-567-1072 or complete our online request form.

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