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Why You May Consider Air Duct Cleaning in the Fall?

thorough-air-duct-cleaning-HudsonMAThere are few things finer than the fall.  The leaves change, and it is cooler outside.  Best of all, it is the perfect time to spend outside and enjoy the weather.

Fall also means it is time for some regular maintenance cleaning.  Chances are you have arranged for carpet cleaning, HVAC work and the like, but have you considered cleaning your air ducts?

The air ducts are an essential part of your home HVAC system and cleaning them should be on the list.

The air in your home could have pollutants since you are likely keeping windows open and fans are going to enjoy the colder weather.  Going in and out of the house also means you will have extra traffic, and that traffic can bring in pollutants and other nasties into the home.  These can all find their way back into your air ducts – something that can cause severe problems down the road.

Why the fall for air duct cleaning?  It is an ideal time because the HVAC companies usually have a significant degree of downtime and can work you in much faster than in the spring or summer.  It is also a good idea because of the winter’s chill and home heating.  Those pollutants can “cook” in the warmer air of the HVAC system, and this can potentially make you and your family ill.

If you are not sure if your home needs air duct cleaning, consider the following list of suggestions to decide:

  • Do you have pets;
  • Do you have small children;
  • Is anyone in the home susceptible to allergy attacks or asthma;
  • Does anyone in the home smoke inside?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it is likely a good idea that you will need to have your home ductwork cleaned thoroughly by a professional cleaning service.

AirTekMa would love to be your partner in air duct cleaning.  We also offer other cleaning services in addition to ductwork cleaning, and we would love to become your trusted cleaning partner.  Contact us; let us help you make your home clean and pollutant free.

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