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The Holidays are Over: It’s time to have those vents cleaned!

Kitchen Vents Cleaning Hudson MA

Now that the holidays have passed and the big rushes are over, it is time to stop and rethink your kitchen at your restaurant. Things have been hot and heavy. Chances are you have not had time to think about the “metacleaning” side. Metacleaning is the heavy duty cleaning that is normally done by a crew of professionals. Specifically – the kitchen vents.

This is a serious job and is not one to be left to the normal employees who are likely tired and worn from the holidays. Besides, cleaning kitchen vents normally requires specialized equipment, cleaning gear and the like – much of which you will not have lying around the restaurant.

We at AIRTEK Inc would like to be your professional partner in the kitchen vent cleaning part of your everyday business. Keeping your kitchen vents clean is not only a safety issue but it is also a requirement of law. Buildup of grease and dust can lead to a possible fire in the kitchen or in the exhaust ducts. It should go without saying clean vents are also more attractive in your kitchen.

The cleaning will include taking down and replacement of the vents, hand cleaning, chemical removal and full inspection of the interior. We will do a visual inspection of interior and be sure to note any potential problems or issues you may incur. Lastly, we will clean up after ourselves and leave your kitchen as if no one was ever there. We will leave proof of our work for the state or local inspection services so you will have nothing to worry about.

At AIRTEK Inc, we want to work with you and around your schedule. This means coming in when it is convenient for you and your business where we will have a minimal impact on your day to day operation.

Cleaning kitchen vents is a major process. It is not recommended that you attempt to do this alone. Call us at AIRTEK Inc for a free consultation and how we can help you and your business.

Contact the kitchen vents cleaning professionals at AIRTEK Inc. Call (978) 567-1072 to schedule your next commercial kitchen vent cleaning and enjoy all the benefits that come with clean kitchens.

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