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Annual Airduct Cleaning Benefits

air duct cleaningHomeowners who take the time to clean airducts save money in the long run and improve air quality in their home. Well maintained heating and cooling systems are more efficient and last longer than those that are only cleaned when something breaks. This also ensures cleaner air and a reduction in airborne contaminants.

*Clears away mold – Cleaning air ducts removes mold and debris that may accumulate if the duct work is in an area where humidity is high or if they were exposed to water. When the crawlspace of a home floods, water can seep into the duct work leaving behind sludge and debris. In time, mold can begin to grow leading to a variety of health problems and odors that permeate the home. People who take the time to clean airducts eliminates the debris and mold, preventing odors from permeating the home.

*Reduces the amount of dust – The Environmental Protection Agency suggests removing even half an inch of dust from air ducts improves the efficiency of heating and cooling systems and saves money on energy costs. Regular cleaning of ducts, vents and filters reduces the amount spent on repairs and lengthens the life of the system. Homeowners who take the time to clean airducts should also take extra time to remove dust from other areas of the house

*Improves air quality – Hiring a professional HVAC certified company that takes the time to clear airducts, replace filters and evaluate the system once a year will improve the air quality in the home. Cleaner air reduces the risk of airborne pathogens and allergens that cause illness. Airborne contaminants can come from both inside and outside of your home. Making sure air ducts are free of dust, debris and mold ensures air inside the home is cleaner as well. Inspect furnace systems and take time to clean airducts annually.

Small steps in home maintenance can lead to big savings in the long run. Those who take time to clean airducts encounter a beneficial situation for both the pocket book as well as a person’s physical health. Better air quality, energy savings and an efficient heating and cooling system are well-known benefits of changing filters and keeping ducts clean.

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