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Air Ducts: A Hidden Household Danger

Proper Maintenance

air ductMany homeowners do not consider the condition of their heating and cooling systems until a major problem occurs that requires the services of a professional. Sometimes, however, major disasters can be averted in the course of performing routine maintenance, like air duct cleaning.

Often, people consider this a once a year project, and in many cases they are correct. However certain environmental and household concerns may require that air duct cleaning be performed more often. Some examples include:

  • Having smokers in the house
  • Having people with chronic breathing problems such as asthma, emphysema, or COPD in the house
  • Having people with airborne allergies in the house
  • Having pets in the house

Living in a house that has had recent water or fire damage

  • Living in a house that has been recently remodeled
  • Living in a house that has had any recent pest infestations

In any of these cases, harmful pollutants could have been left behind, including toxic smoke particles, fungi or mold spores, dandruff from humans, pets, or pests, excrement from pests, or simple dust from day-to-day life or construction projects. If there is a known problem, it is advisable to arrange an air duct cleaning as soon as possible. Otherwise, once a year is sufficient, unless you live in extremely dusty or humid environment.

There are many different companies out there that will offer air duct cleaning services, often at very good prices. Like any contractor, however, you should seek the opinion of others if possible, and get a description of what exactly is involved in their air duct cleaning. There are several less reputable companies out there that will simply bring a large vacuum and go through all the ducts in your house with that, and call the job done.

A proper air duct cleaning service, such as AIRTEK, however, actually starts at the furnace and air conditioner, and includes the following steps:

  • Cleaning the furnace and blower
  • Cleaning the air conditioner coils
  • Cleaning the registers and returns

Once these items are clean, no old buildup will be recirculated after the air duct cleaning has been completed. Now, a large, commercial-sized, filtered vacuum is connected to the entire system, creating a negative pressure throughout the HVAC system. Special tools are used to scrape any remaining particles from inside the walls of the air ducts, especially at any seams, while the vacuum safely removes them from the system. Once that is done, the system is chemically sanitized, and a final inspection is done to certify the results of the air duct cleaning.

Contact AIRTEK for all of your HVAC cleaning needs, as well as their other services, such as cleaning dryer vents, cleaning kitchen exhaust hoods, and power-washing.

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