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How Do I know if My Dryer Vent is clogged?

dryer vent cleaningIs your dryer not working efficiently? It is not too hard to realize if the dryer is acting sluggish or lacking performance. The clothes are taking far too long to dry. It is well understood that towels and large items take longer, but the regular clothes should not take as much time.

If you are noticing this problem, chances are your dryer vent is clogged. How do you know for sure? Call us at AIRTEK. We can come out and diagnose your problem and get the dryer back up and running in no time. This will save you both time and money in the long run.

Before you bop yourself on the head out of perceived stupidity, understand that your damp clothes could have been a more significant issue. Close to 17,000 home fires annually are caused by dryers. In fact, from 2006 to 2010, 75 percent of structural fires were caused by, you guessed it, dryers.

It is important that you call us to schedule your dryer vent cleaning as soon as possible. Our technicians and team have the tools and understanding to take care of you and your dryer in the best and safest way possible. This means you will have minimal worry about your dryer after we leave. Meanwhile, here are a few things you can look for.

  • Excessive lint – Look for lint around the dryer, especially in the back. Look also for lint on clothes.
  • Long drying times – This is the biggest way to know. Drying times should not change because your dryer may be older.
  • No lint on lint screen – Lint is a natural by-product of clothes, and it has to go somewhere. If it is not in the screen, it is somewhere else.
  • Dryer is running hot – Dryers have automatic timers that shut off intermittently. A dryer that does not cool down is a serious fire concern.
  • Bad, moldy smells – Wet clothes and dark environments yield mold. This should not be a surprise.

If you are having any of these issues, we want you to contact us quickly. No one wants a catastrophe but taking care of any issues with your dryer is certainly a step for proper prevention.

AIRTEK Inc offers the very best dryer vent cleaning service in Hudson. Call us at 978-567-1072 or complete our online request form for a free quote.

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