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Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips

dryer-vent-hoseIf you have a clothes dryer, you probably know that your lint filter needs to be cleaned before every use, right? But what about the vent? When’s the last time you cleaned that? Because not only is a clogged vent an energy drain which only makes your machine work harder, it’s also a fire hazard.

Ask yourself:

  • How dry are your clothes at the end of what used to be a normal cycle?
  • Are they very hot by the time the cycle has finished? This could mean that your machine is working much harder than it should be.  
  • Is your laundry room hot or humid when you’re running your dryer?
  • Is the machine itself hot to the touch?

All of these signs could mean that your dryer vent is dangerously clogged and needs to be cleaned out!

But never fear – clearing out the vent and tubing is very easy.  Here are some dryer vent cleaning tips to help you as you make sure your dryer is as safe and efficient as it can be:

  1. Unplug the dryer
  2. Pull dryer away from wall – Don’t pull too far or too quickly! You’ll probably only get a foot or two away from the wall
  3. Remove the vent clamp from back of dryer with a screwdriver
  4. Slide the vent off of the dryer
  5. Use your arm (or better yet, a shop vac) to pull out any lint from both the inside of the dryer and the tubing – You may need a plumber’s snake, long-handled scrub brush or a simple hanger in order to better reach all the nooks and crannies in the dryer and the tubing
  6. Go outside and remove vent from front of house – Keep in mind that you may need to remove caulking as well as screws from around the vent’s frame, and will have to reattach later
  7. Using arm or shop vac, clean out any lint – Again, hanger or scrub brush may make things easier as well
  8. Reattach tubing, vent, etc and reconnect dryer
  9. Run dryer for 5-10 minutes on “low” or “fluff” in order to blow out any loose lint

And that’s it! It’s really very easy, and something you should make it a point to do on a regular basis.  Make sure you perform routine dryer vent cleaning in order to prevent what could be a very preventable tragedy.

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