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How Do I know if My Dryer Vent is clogged?

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Is your dryer not working efficiently? It is not too hard to realize if the dryer is acting sluggish or lacking performance. The clothes are taking far too long to dry. It is well understood that towels and large items take longer, but the regular clothes should not take as much time. If you are […]

Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips

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If you have a clothes dryer, you probably know that your lint filter needs to be cleaned before every use, right? But what about the vent? When’s the last time you cleaned that? Because not only is a clogged vent an energy drain which only makes your machine work harder, it’s also a fire hazard. […]

Is your Dryer not Drying?

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Drying clothes by hanging them on a clothesline can take a long time depending on the weather. It is for this reason that the electric clothes dryer was invented. You likely use your dryer multiple times a week, yet you take for granted that it will always work, with very little attention beyond rotating loads […]

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