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Getting Stains Out of Carpets

removing stainsIf you have carpet, eventually it’s going to get stained. Spills, something dropped, people walking on the rug and general living means your carpet is going to be used. Here at AIRTEK, we’ve seen the worst stains you can imagine. Here are some of the things we’ve learned over the years about removing stains.

Check the cleaner before you need it.

The time to know if the cleaner you are going to use WON’T harm your carpet is before you ever need it. If you have some carpet scraps, this is ideal. If you don’t have scraps, find some carpet in a place that won’t be noticed. A carpeted floor in a closet is perfect.

First, vacuum the carpet. Now, take the cleaner and pour just enough on a cloth to get it damp. Lay this cloth on the carpet or the scrap and leave it for an hour. Come back and blot the spot with a dry white cloth.

Look at the cloth. It should still be white. If it has any color at all, it means the cleaner is leaching out the dye. You can’t use it.

Test another cleaner. Repeat until you find one that cleans without removing the coloring.

Get a home cleaner.

You may be able to rent a deep cleaner from a department store or a rental shop. Your biggest worry is the person who used it previously. You have no idea what they ran through the system. It could damage your carpet. You may also be bringing in flea eggs and other problems you absolutely do not want in your home.

You can buy a deep cleaner, but these are expensive and bulky. Do you have room to store it? Is using it once a year or less worth the investment?

Hire a pro.

Carpet cleaning experts have experience in getting stains out of all kinds of carpets no matter the construction. The pros also know what cleaners can be used on which kind of carpets. The best pros also carry a guarantee. If they cause damage, they pay to fix it.

When you need pros who get the job done right, AIRTEK is here. Our deep cleaning gets rid of stains, mold, pet hair, allergens, fleas, ticks and dust mites.

Call the carpet cleaning professionals at AIRTEK today (978) 567-1072 to schedule your next carpet cleaning and enjoy all the benefits that come with clean and sanitized carpets.

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