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Carpet Cleaning Rates – How are they determined?

Carpet Cleaning RatesWelcome back faithful reader to the AIRTEK blog. You have no doubt read about many of our blogs and their varied purposes, and most always end with an offer for a free, no obligation quote. It only makes sense to give you an idea of what all has to go into this quote. This is just another way for you to make an informed decision about your carpet and carpet cleaning.

1. Square footage – This should be understandable for most customers. The larger the area of the carpet to be cleaned, the higher the price on the quote. AIRTEK measures rooms for cleaning to get the precise amount of carpet and the approximate cost.

2. Furniture – Everyone has some furniture. Do you have a full grand piano that needs moving or a small recliner or two? Each piece of furniture is different. If we have to move them, size, shape and weight have to be taken into consideration.

3. Spots and stains – These require different treatment than the standard cleaning we offer. Specialized cleaning agents, often enzymes and the like, are use to target tough stains as part of the overall quote. Like furniture, all elements of the stain are considered.

4. Actual service – This is something many do not understand when offered a quote. The quote we provide covers the cleaning, our employees, the truck, cleaning gear and supplies and the overhead of running a business.

5. Overhead – Insurance, taxes, electricity, fuel, rent and a paycheck all come out of the quote. Remember: we are your neighbors and friends. We have to shop for groceries, buy school clothes and pay bills just like everyone does.

This may be a bit of a stretch from the normal blogs you will see on AIRTEK’s blog page, but it is one that is important for everyone. We still stand by the same promise of a fair and competitive quote, the best service and a carpet you can be pleased to walk across. Contact us if we can help you with your carpet cleaning or any other service we offer.

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