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Tips from Your Hudson Air Duct Cleaning Pros

Check out the most recent articles from AIRTEK Inc below for professional cleaning tips from our carpet and air duct cleaning experts.

Carpet Spot or Stain: The Difference


Stains and spots appear to look similar on the carpet, but there is actually several differences between the two.  Regardless of stain or spot, having your carpets professionally cleaned is very important.  Be sure to contact the professionals from AirTekMa for the best in carpet care.  We will come to your home or business and […]

Spring Cleaning Commences: The Kitchen Hood

Even a commercial kitchen needs to be spruced up and cleaned. Spring is around the corner, and the nicer weather will have people going out more. This also means they may be eating out more frequently. It is a good idea to have a commercial kitchen in top shape and ready for those customers. Generally, the […]

How Air Duct Cleaning Can Impact Your Life

air duct cleaning services hudson ma

As the premier choice for air duct cleaning in the Hudson area, our team at AIRTEK Inc. takes this field of work seriously. Yet we meet home and business owners all the time that still seem to have some resistance to getting this service need addressed. If you still believe that air duct cleaning is […]

When Vacuuming Isn’t Enough – Why You Need Deep Carpet Cleaning

vacuuming vs carpet cleaning hudson ma

Homeowners who make it a point to vacuum regularly tend to think they are already doing enough to keep their flooring clean. Yet the average home is in need of a deep carpet cleaning in Hudson, right now. Your flooring takes an incredible amount of abuse from all that daily wear and tear from foot […]

How Neglecting to Get Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Could Cause Big Problems

commercial kitchen hood cleaning hudson ma

Owning a commercial kitchen can be a great joy, but it also comes with a number of important responsibilities. Addressing the need for commercial kitchen hood cleaning in Hudson, MA is one of those. Some business owners make the mistake of trying to get their staff to address this industry- required service. Yet it is […]

Carpet Cleaning Rates – How are they determined?

Carpet Cleaning Rates Hudson MA

Welcome back faithful reader to the AIRTEK blog. You have no doubt read about many of our blogs and their varied purposes, and most always end with an offer for a free, no obligation quote. It only makes sense to give you an idea of what all has to go into this quote. This is […]

The Holidays are Over: It’s time to have those vents cleaned!

Now that the holidays have passed and the big rushes are over, it is time to stop and rethink your kitchen at your restaurant. Things have been hot and heavy. Chances are you have not had time to think about the “metacleaning” side. Metacleaning is the heavy duty cleaning that is normally done by a […]

Crucial Steps to Take After a Fire

fire and smoke repair company

At AIRTEK Inc, we certainly hope you never have any kind of fire in your house, except where it belongs like a fireplace. But if you do have a fire, even a small one, here’s what you need to do. If you haven’t already, call your insurance company. They may have some requirements and probably […]

How Do I know if My Dryer Vent is clogged?

dryer vent cleaning service Hudson MA

Is your dryer not working efficiently? It is not too hard to realize if the dryer is acting sluggish or lacking performance. The clothes are taking far too long to dry. It is well understood that towels and large items take longer, but the regular clothes should not take as much time. If you are […]

Water Damage Emergency: Read These Tips

flood Hudson MA damage

If your house gets flooded, broken water pipes, too much rain or some other catastrophe, here are things you need to do immediately. First, decide if it is safe to stay in the house. If it’s safe, then stay and follow the tips below. If it is not safe, get out immediately and call emergency […]

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