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Benefits of Insulation Removal

Homes require insulation installation for a variety of reasons. Mainly, insulation keeps the home cool within hotter months and warm in colder seasons, by preventing cooled or heated air from seeping out of the home. It’ll help people feel more at ease inside their houses, and it’ll help save energy by preventing air conditioners and […]

Clean your kitchen hoods on a regular basis?

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Hudson MA

As a commercial kitchen owner, chances are you are a penny business.  This means you scrape every pan, reuse as much as you can, rework product and generally try to maximize profit without compromising integrity and product to your customers.  This is good business practice, and it is common across any number of businesses in […]

Why You May Consider Air Duct Cleaning in the Fall?


There are few things finer than the fall.  The leaves change, and it is cooler outside.  Best of all, it is the perfect time to spend outside and enjoy the weather. Fall also means it is time for some regular maintenance cleaning.  Chances are you have arranged for carpet cleaning, HVAC work and the like, […]

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

air duct cleaning importance Hudson MA

At present, air pollution indoors is listed by the EPA as the 4th largest environmental threat to people in America. As a heating and cooling system is in operation, airborne contaminants are usually being drawn into a duct system. Over a span of time, those dangerous pollutants eventually will build up inside air ducts. Indoor […]

The Importance Of Replacing Insulation In The Roof

Insulation removal services Hudson MA

Insulation is vital to your home energy bill.  A properly insulated roof keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  This means your energy bill can be cut as much as 30 percent just with proper insulation.  Sadly, many homeowners do not realize the importance of replacing insulation on the roof.  […]

What Is MERV And Why Do You Care?

furnace - air -filter

Air filters are something many people do not consider or study closely.  Instead we replace them and go about our business until the next time they need changing.  Next time you replace your filter, look for the MERV rating. Merv means “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value.”  This is a measurement of how well the filters clean […]

Insulating Your Home In The Summer

Insulation removal commercial services Hudson MA

Summer is in full swing, and chances are you are thinking of some home improvement projects. Now is a great time to start thinking and acting on some elements of the home you have thought about doing for some time. The weather is pleasant outside, so it is a prime time to consider replacing your […]

Fire vs. Water Damage


Fire damage and water damage are both devastating to a home, and it is completely understandable to be confused about the two.  Each has certain care necessary to bring a home or business back up to working condition, and they are two different jobs.  Here is a primer on the two types of damage for […]

Water Damage and Classifications


It is an unfortunate accident to have water damage either from a burst pipe, leaking roof or other situation that causes the home to get wet.  Should this happen to you, immediately call AirTekMa for cleaning services.  We will dispatch to your home quickly and get started on bringing your home back to normal as […]

Carpet Spot or Stain: The Difference


Stains and spots appear to look similar on the carpet, but there is actually several differences between the two.  Regardless of stain or spot, having your carpets professionally cleaned is very important.  Be sure to contact the professionals from AirTekMa for the best in carpet care.  We will come to your home or business and […]

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