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Fire Damage Cleanup & Remediation Services

fire damage hudson maSometimes dealing with the damage in the aftermath of a fire, is as bad as getting through the event itself. You need to know that you have a professional restoration contractor to count on, in order to get the service you need. This means getting skilled workmanship, as well as compassionate customer care. At AIRTEK Inc. we can promise to deliver just that whenever your property suffers from fire damage in Hudson or the surrounding areas.

As a family owned business that has been serving the fine residential and commercial clients of this area since 1988, it is safe to safe that we genuinely care about the customers we provide cleaning services to. Your well-being and satisfaction is our top concern, whether we’re providing air duct cleaning or fire damage remediation services. So we take the time required to get the job done, in a thorough manner, as well as offer personal support.

Once the fire is out, you see that there is a great deal of water left behind as part of the effort to extinguish the flames. This is when it is time to call on our fire and water damage repair experts in order to address your need for professional cleanup. Call your insurance company, open the windows to let the smell start to filter out and let us show up to do our job.

Professional Fire Damage Makes All the Difference

Understanding why it is so important to call in a professional for fire damage repairs will help to ensure that you make the right choice when you need this type of service.

  • Do not attempt to address fire damage on your own. Aside from the concern of items still being hot to the touch, you can actually end up causing more damage.
  • Soot is a prime example of something that can end up ruining your furnishings, especially when you touch it. You may mean well by trying to rub soot off your furnishings, but you can end up destroying them instead.
  • In fact, you can end up spreading soot to pieces that were not even initially affected. This means items that were not damaged, end up that way.

Leave fire damage restoration to the pros at our cleaning company who have the training, experience and equipment needed to get the job done. We will use our truck-mounted vacuuming system for efficient fire damage and water remediation and help get your home back to as good as new condition.

Never Settle For Less Than The Best Restoration & Cleanup After Fire Damage in Hudson

AIRTEK Inc. is the only name that you need to know, when it comes to fire damage and a variety of other specialized cleaning services in Hudson, MA. While we certainly wish none of our local residential or commercial clients ever had to suffer this type of property damage, we feel good knowing we will be there to help you with the recovery process. When disaster strikes, count on the pros here at AIRTEK Inc. to have your best interest in mind.

If you would like a free estimate for fire damage in Hudson, MA or the surrounding areas, please call 978-567-1072 or complete our online request form.

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