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Tips from Your Hudson Air Duct Cleaning Pros

Check out the most recent articles from AIRTEK Inc below for professional cleaning tips from our carpet and air duct cleaning experts.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Restaurant kitchen hood cleaning services are important for ensuring your kitchen remains clean and maintaining your business. Considering the amount of activity in your kitchen, it is highly expected that dirt and grease will build up in your exhaust hood. This can be a breeding site for bacteria and mold, which are undesirable and would negatively affect […]

Annual Airduct Cleaning Benefits

Homeowners who take the time to clean airducts save money in the long run and improve air quality in their home. Well maintained heating and cooling systems are more efficient and last longer than those that are only cleaned when something breaks. This also ensures cleaner air and a reduction in airborne contaminants. *Clears away […]

Getting Your Air Ducts Ready for Winter

Making sure your air ducts are clean and free from debris is an integral factor in keeping your central air conditioning and heating systems running efficiently. This is especially true during winter months when the temperature and humidity comes into play and when most people spend more time indoors. Dirty air ducts can cause some […]

You Have a Water Damage Emergency. Now What?

In many areas across the nation water damage is the leading cause of loss for property insurance claims for homeowners and business owners. It is very important to be prepared and have a plan of action in case you become one of the unlucky people that has to deal with this situation. Stop that leak! […]

Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage

Time Is Not On Your Side.  The number one rule when dealing with water damage; The longer is stays the more it costs. Most rooms can be dried easily however provided that the source of the leak is stopped and the air is circulating. It is usually a good idea to use air movers and […]

How to Recover from Water Damage and Manage Your Insurance Claim

In most areas water damage is the number one cause of loss for homeowner’s insurance claims. These water damage cleanup claims can be some of the most costly and stressful claims for a homeowner as they more often than not involve interior living spaces. It’s always a good idea to have some general knowledge and […]

Don’t Ignore Mold in Carpet

Mold in carpet is dangerous, and could be quite harmful to the individual who comes into contact with it. It can cause many symptoms/health problems, including: Wheezing Stuffy nose Eye and throat irritation Allergic reactions (possibly severe) Lung problems These issues can be even worse for the very young, very old, and those with compromised […]

Five Reasons To Get Your Kitchen Hood Cleaned Regularly

You wouldn’t think twice about cleaning your sinks or oven top but so many people don’t bother to think about cleaning their kitchen hood. And yet, it’s an integral part of your kitchen and it’s cleanliness could make a huge difference in your cooking and health, not to mention that of your customers. Here are […]

Wet Insulation – Hope it Dries or Remove It?

Insulation can of course aid greatly in keeping your home as energy efficient as possible – not to mention in keeping you comfortable. Insulation which has become wet, however, can cause many problems in terms of lessened efficiency, structural damage and potential damage to the health of a home’s occupants. The first problem is the […]

A Musty Basement is Worse than Just a Bad Smell

Have you ever entered a home which smelled…unpleasant? Even though everything looked clean and neat, there was still a musty odor which you couldn’t quite put your finger on, but which pervaded the home nonetheless. It’s likely that the basement of the home was where the smell originated from. The worst part is, it could […]

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